New U.S. sanctions target Iran’s technology and online media industry

Fars News Agency tweeting about migrating its domain to .ir doamin due to U.S. sanctions

The Fars News Agency, tied to the Islamic Republic of Iran, declared on its Twitter account it has been informed by and email that due to being on the SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) sanctions list, which targets organizations and entities that are tied to terrorist organizations, its website will be removed from the .com top level domain (TLD).
This news agency, which is run by the Iranian government, has transferred its website to the .ir TLD,
which does not follow U.S. sanctions. In mid-January, a similar incident happened with the Aparat website (an Iranian video streaming website). The manager of the website informed that had been shut down for compliance with U.S. sanctions. But the website resumed its operations a few
hours later.

Owner of tweeting about .com domain hit by U.S. sanctions

A few days earlier, the website of a state-run bank had been shut down due to sanctions.
These events have triggered numerous discussions. Many users on social media networks believe that these actions are not enough and should be expanded to all other websites that are tied to the government of Iran, and these organizations should be cut off from global internet access.
Iranian analysts believe the Iranian government uses these resources to impose censorship and trample the rights of its own people by preventing access to the free flow of information. Therefore, it should not be allowed to use those same resources to propagate its own political and cultural narrative.

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